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The Jane Addams Children’s Book Awards & Inheriting Legacies of Peace and Justice Program
Newsletter , Uncategorized / May 18, 2013

By: Jan Corderman, Board Member, Jane Addams Peace Association The April 27 announcement of this years’ winners of the Jane Addams Children’s Book Awards and Peace & Justice program was held at Hull House in Chicago, the first settlement house in the United States co-founded by Addams. First awarded in 1953, the Awards honor exemplary children’s literature that most effectively promote peace, social justice, world community, and gender and racial equality to young readers. Book Selection Committee members Susan Freiss, Jacqui Kolar and Beth McGowan enlisted the help of fourth and fifth grade children who had read and come to greatly admire the award winners with their teachers, Friess and teaching partner Jennifer Peterson in announcing and describing two winners and four honor books. The children also participate in conversation during the reading aloud of the winning book for younger readers. See for a list of this year’s winning and honor books and to view a fabulous new searchable data-base of previous winners. Friess and Peterson, from Stoner Prairie Elementary in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, told of their work in the classroom with Jane Addams Children’s Books and extended an invitation to all present to talk with children about peace and…