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Happy Jane Addams Day!
Newsletter , Uncategorized / December 10, 2013

On Jane Addams Day we invite you to consider how to insert peaceful practices into your life and as a strategy to cultivate justice into your community. Join us in celebrating Jane Addams Day, established as a commemorative holiday in Illinois in 2006 to remind their citizens of Addams’ lifelong commitment to making the city of Chicago, the state of Illinois – and the entire world – a better place. The decision to celebrate Jane Addams’ life on Dec. 10 marked the first time in Illinois state history that a day was set to commemorate a woman’s accomplishments. Jane Addams Day is more than an expression of pride in one of Illinois’ most famous citizens. The story of Jane Addams can teach young people that one person really can make a difference. Back in 1860, when Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, well-behaved young women from small towns in northern Illinois didn’t have many opportunities to go to college and pursue professional careers. But Jane Addams had an ambitious dream of changing the world. So she moved to Chicago’s West Side, with the idea of helping the many immigrants who were struggling to make ends meet. Soon Jane Addams’ Hull…