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Weekly JACBA Newsletter
Newsletter , Uncategorized / January 21, 2015

Poem on Reigelman’s MLK Experience by George Ella Lyon Milton Reigelman’s experience on the memorable day Martin Luther King Jr spoke the famous words “I have a dream” has been captured in a poem written by acclaimed Kentucky poet and Centre College graduate George Ella Lyon. The poem is part of a collection she wrote with colleague J. Patrick Lewis about the 1963 March on Washington. Read More | George Ella Lyon, 2010 Awardee These books hold stories about Martin Luther King, civil rights The Kansas City Public Library suggests these books to learn more about Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement. We Shall Overcome: The Story of a Song, by Debbie Levy; illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton Sit-in: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down, by Andrea Davis Pinkney; illustrated by Brian Pinkney Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice, by Phillip Hoose We’ve Got a Job: The 1963 Birmingham Children’s March, by Cynthia Levinson Read More | Debbie Levy, Vanessa Brantley-Newton, 2014 Awardees, Andrea Davis Pinkney, Brian Pinkney 2011 Awardees, Phillip Hoose 2010 Awardee, Cynthia Levinson, 2013 Awardee Psychological effects of pets are profound By Sy Montgomery Pet-assisted therapies help troubled children, people with autism, and those…

Weekly JACBA Newsletter
Newsletter , Uncategorized / January 14, 2015

Lionsgate/Roadside Attractions will distribute Sundance title ‘Z for Zachariah’ Craig Zobel’s post-apocalpytic thriller “Z for Zachariah,” one of the biggest buzz-generating titles in the U.S. Dramatic competition, has secured distribution by a partnership between Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions, the industry news site The Wrap reported this week. The movie – based on the novel by the 1973 novel by Robert C. O’Brien (who also wrote the book that was the basis for “The Secret of NIMH”) – stars Margot Robbie (“The Wolf of Wall Street”) as the last woman on Earth, or so she believes after a global disaster wipes out most of civilization. Read More | Robert C. O’Brien 1976 Awardee Interview with Vanessa Brantley Newton A good friend of mine called to say that she was coming over to visit. She and I never spoke about our careers. She came to visit and looked at the artwork on the table and asked, “Vanessa, who does this artwork?” and I told her, “I do.” She then said, “In all the 8 years that we have known each other you never told me that you were an illustrator. Do you know who I work for?” “No,” I said. “Vanessa, I…

Weekly JACBA Newsletter
Newsletter , Uncategorized / January 7, 2015

Happy New Year! We hope your 2015 is filled with wonderful books! Link roundup below: Lafayette Public Library announces community reading initiative Along with local leaders and businesses, the Lafayette Reads Together project will focus on A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. Under a partnership with Cox Communications, every seventh grade student in Lafayette Parish public schools will read the book and discuss it in class, according to the library system. Read More | Linda Sue Park 2011 Awardee Baker: Author Linda Sue Park shares literary lessons with Weedsport students Park spent the day within our district sharing her love of writing and discussing several of her books before welcoming visitors to the Weedsport Free Library for a book discussion there later in the day, as well. Read More | Linda Sue Park 2011 Awardee Climate change is threatening the existence of the world’s most amazing bird We know Moonbird’s age, explains nature writer Phillip Hoose [author of Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice] (who has written an eponymous book about him), because he was originally banded in 1995. And even then, he was an adult bird, meaning he was at least 2 years old. Since then, the…