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Books about Refugees for Kids & Adults #JACBA Newsletter 17Mar2017
Newsletter , Uncategorized / March 19, 2017

16 Books about Refugees for Kids & Adults For anyone trying to understand what it feels like to be driven from your home or your country, books-many first-person accounts, written by refugees themselves-are a good first step toward insight. Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai Vietnam to Alabama is a difficult journey, and Ha’s story (which echoes the author’s life) chronicles it in beautiful free verse. Easy to read even for a reluctant reader, these poems are a good way into one 10-year-old girl’s experience as a refugee. Read More Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai 2012 Awardee Getting to Know the Man of the Moment Teri Kanefield, nonfiction author of such fine books as The Girl from the Tar Paper School: Barbara Rose Johns and the Advent of the Civil Rights Movement (2014) … continues her well-researched book, illustrated with archival images, with a brisk account of the life Hamilton had led, from his 1755 birth and harsh boyhood in the Caribbean island of Nevis and on to his rise to becoming General George Washington’s indispensible aide during the Revolutionary War. Throughout, Ms. Kanefield includes samples of Hamilton’s writing, including his poetry. Read More The…

11-year-old organizes Books N Bros: reading club that lifts up African-American literature and culture #JACBA Newsletter 10Mar2017
Newsletter , Uncategorized / March 12, 2017

Books N Bros’ 11-year-old founder wants to help boys love reading at an age when they often don’t 11-year-old St. Louisan Sidney Keys III started a reading club for boys his age to band together in their love of books. He calls it Books N Bros, and the club has an emphasis on making reading fun while lifting up African American literature and culture. In February, for Black History Month, the group read “A Song for Harlem: Scraps of Time,” by Patricia McKissack, a St. Louis-based children’s book author. For now, the book club has plans to stay boys-only, but Caldwell said there’s another book club called Nerdy Girls, which is aimed at girls between ages 6-12 and has over 75 members. Caldwell and Keys plan on partnering with Nerdy Girls in the future. Read More A Long Hard Journey: The Story of the Pullman Porter written by Patricia and Fredrick McKissack 1990 Awardee Books About Girl Power Just in Time for Women’s History Month A Kid’s Guide to America’s First Ladies By Kathleen Krull; illustrated by Anna DiVito Updated through 2016, A Kid’s Guide to America’s First Ladies distinguishes the women by time periods and classes, and flows throughout…

Ann Bausum: exploring under told stories from our nation’s past… ones about the quest for social justice JACBA Newsletter 3Mar2017
Newsletter , Uncategorized / March 3, 2017

Authors, Ann Bausum and Michael H. Cottman, Discuss African Americans’ Impact on the U.S. and Beyond In continued celebration of Black History Month, National Geographic recently released books by authors, Ann Bausum and Michael H. Cottman, who have each devoted their careers to discovery, research, exploration and impact. These authors tell the unvarnished truth about African American history during the slave trade (Cottman’s Shackles From The Deep) and the Civil Rights Movement (Bausum’s The March Against Fear). While Black History Month is coming to a close, these books and the authors’ thoughts, below, remind us that black history is America’s history and celebrated every day. What inspired you to write The March Against Fear? Bausum: I’ve spent two decades exploring under told stories from our nation’s past, particularly ones about the quest for social justice. This story called out to be told for those reasons and because it shares essential history about the evolving nature of the civil rights movement during the 1960s. … As for untold stories, they are legion. The Hidden Figures books and film prove that-these stories tend to emerge vicariously, so it’s the job of authors and publishers to spot them and latch on. Read More…