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Newsletter / August 12, 2018

JOHN NEWTON’S SONG OF PRAYER You’ve sung the words countless times. You’ve heard the song in many places. But did you know the true story of the classic hymn? Most people haven’t, but in “How Sweet the Sound,” author Carole Boston Weatherford tells it with couplets more powerful than a storm at sea; indeed, this book is little more than a poem written in descriptive style, but sparsely, which lends more weight to each careful word. READ MORE… ___________________________________________ NOTABLE AUTHORS AND ILLUSTRATORS HIGHLIGHT THE IMPORTANCE OF REPRESENTATION Many contemporary children’s books are both mirrors and windows, showing children the connections among all people.  (Andy Ryan / Getty Images) “Collaborating with Salva Dut to write ALong Walk to Water provided me with a window in a way that I never could have imagined — not just for me but for the young readers of the book, who have subsequently reached out to communities in South Sudan. Those readers have gone from looking in the window to leaping right through it!” — Linda Sue Park, Author of A Long Walk to Water READ MORE… ___________________________________________ ‘UNDOCUMENTED’ IS A PICTURE BOOK THAT’S NOT JUST FOR KIDS There are millions of undocumented workers in…

Newsletter / August 5, 2018

GRAPHIC WORKS ON MIGRANTS, REFUGEES, HUMAN TRAFFICKING The story: In an accordion-style folded comic with drawings inspired by pre-Columbian art, Tonatiuh tells a fictional story of a Mexican laborer who enters the U.S. illegally and finds work as an underpaid and exploited busboy. He then tries to organize his co-workers demand better working conditions. The author: Tonatiuh is an acclaimed children’s book illustrator. READ MORE… __________________________________ ALICE B. MCGINTY/ARTFUL BIOGRAPHIES OF UNUSUAL ARTISTS In “The Secret Kingdom: Nek Chand, a Changing India, and a Hidden World of Art” (2018, Candlewick Press, written by Barb Rosenstock, illustrated by Claire A. Nivola, ages 5-12), flowing watercolor illustrations and bright, lyrical text bring us into the magical world of Nek Chand’s Indian village. READ MORE… EMMA’S POEM: THE VOICE OF THE STATUE OF LIBERTY BY LINDA GLASER & ILLUSTRATED BY CLAIRE A. NIVOLA __________________________________ ILLUSTRATIONS BY LULU DELACRE TO BE PRESENTED IN SONIA SOTOMAYOR’S LIFE STORY AT ZIMMERLI THIS FALL “In Turning Pages, she (Sonia Sotomayor) is a powerful advocate for the importance of reading, demonstrating how early exposure to books can transform a person’s life. Likewise, Lulu Delacre reveals through her captivating illustrations how art can tell a moving story.” READ MORE……