Board of Directors Application Form

JANE ADDAMS PEACE ASSOCIATION, INC.  Board of Directors Application Form

May 2019


Street Address:

City:     State:      Zip Code:


Alternate Phone:




Other Positions Currently Held (Board, Volunteer, etc.)


1. How do you know about the Jane Addams Peace Association and/or the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award?  


2. Why are you interested in serving on this Board?  


3. Describe the relevant peace and justice, education, or other nonprofit/volunteer work you have done, including your role and positions held.


4. What do you believe would be your contribution to JAPA as a board member in relation to its major activities?  What special abilities/job skills do you have (such as event planning, fundraising, budget, facilitation)?


5. Of the Standing Committees (Finance, Fundraising, Personnel, Nominating, Peace Education Projects), which Committees do you feel would be best suited to your skills and interests?


6. Would you be able to commit the 8-10 hours a month needed to fulfill the JAPA Board of Directors’ responsibilities as described above?

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