Westrick, A.B. Brotherhood. Viking Penguin Young Readers,2013 In Virginia, in the post Civil War economic and personal devastation, 15 year old Shad is torn between his pride and hope in being initiated into the "Brotherhood", the beginning of the Ku Kulx Klan, and his growing understanding of the lives and humanity of the African Americans who are beginning to build lives as free people. His poverty, and his diagnosed dyslexia have resulted in near illiteracy. But at the new free-school for Blacks, he finds help. When the White teacher is murdered, and when the Brotherhood plans to burn the school and the children within, Shad mast find a way to give warnings - and still keep his own family safe. This is a book about hard choices and complex motivations, and the slow coming of age of a young man. A 2014 Honor Book for older readers.

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