Henry and the Kite Dragon

Henry loves living in Chinatown in New York, especially helping his friend, Grandfather Chin, make and fly the biggest and most beautiful kites. Henry and his friends avoid the neighborhood park whenever Toni Guglione and his friends are there because the Italian kids always cause trouble. After two kites are destroyed by Tony and his friends by throwing rocks and tearing the kites apart, Grandfather Chin says they must make a really big kite dragon, for everyone respects dragons. Unfortunately, Tony and his friends don't feel the same way. Yet, in the confrontation between the two groups of children, a new truth come out. The Italian children have homing pigeons that have been scared by the kites. When Tony cries for the safety of his pet pigeon the children work together to reach Grandfather Chin and stop him from scaring the pigeons - and the children come to an agreement to use the air space above their park at different times. Honor Book for Younger Children, 2005.

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