Nasreen’s Secret School

Winter, Jeanette. Nasreen's Secret School. Simon & Shuster, 2009. Based on a true story of secret schools that were operated for girls during the era of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, this is the story of Nasreen, whose father is taken by the soldiers, and whose mother disappears as she goes to search for him. In the care of her courageous Grandmother, Nasreen attends a forbidden school where the group support and learning helps her to overcome the trauma of disappeared parents, militarism, tyranny, and fear. She learns that knowledge and reading can bring psychic freedom. The book also illustrates the bravery and steadfastness of teachers and families who peacefully defied a repressive militaristic regime in order to continue to educate girls. Beautifully illustrated, the book lets even young readers understand how hope can live under terrible conditions. Winner Book for Younger Children, 2010.

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