Ruth and the Green Book

Ramsey, Calvin Alexander and  Strauss, Gwen.  Ruth and the Green Book.  Illustrated by Floyd Cooper. Carolrhoda Books, 2010 In the early 1950's, Ruth and her parents are happily traveling in their family's first car all the way from Chicago to Alabama to visit her grandmother. But, as they head into the Jim Crow South, Ruth discovers firsthand there are businesses that refuse service to blacks. Her parents respond with resilience, driving and singing through the night. Eventually, a gas station attendant gives them a copy of The Green Book, a listing of businesses that will serve African American travelers. Ruth's parents put her in charge of reading the Green Book and finding friendly gas stations and places to stay. Ruth's sense of well being and security grows, and along the way she extends comfort to another set of travelers. The warm, evocative illustrations draw children easily and emphatically into the experience of Ruth and her family. This picture book is historical fiction. It contributes to an understanding of the realities of Jim Crow through a child's eyes and features one resourceful, creative responses to bigotry ---The Green Book. Information about the history of The Negro Motorist Green Book is included. Honor Book for Younger Children, 2011.

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