The Book Itch: Freedom, Truth & Harlem’s Greatest Bookstore

Micheaux Nelson, Vaunda.  The Book Itch: Freedom, Truth & Harlem’s Greatest Bookstore.  Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie.  Carolrhoda Books, 2015. "Knowledge is Power. You Need it Every Hour. Read a Book!" Lewis Micheaux believed deeply in the power of books to educate, lead, empower and revolutionize African American's lives. He opened the National Memorial African Bookstore in Harlem which became a gathering place for the community and for those standing for Black Nationalism, Civil Rights, dignity and freedom including Langston Hughes, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali. Told from the viewpoint of his son, (and written by his great niece) this book is filled with the energy and voice of Micheaux "If you don't know and you ain't go no dough, than you can't go, and that's for sho.". A close friend and supporter of Malcolm X, the book includes his presence in Micheaux's store and the rallies outside the store. As Micheaux comforts his son after Malcolm X's assassination - he says "They think they got rid of him. But people won't forget,Louie. His words will never leave us". 2016 Honor book for older readers.

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