The Day War Came

Author(s):  Nicola Davies


Award(s):  2019, Honor Book for Younger Children

Suggested Ages:  Award Year 2019Refugees

Publisher:  Coming soon!

Publish Date:  Coming soon!


The Day War Came, written by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Rebecca Cobb, and published by Candlewick, is an Honor Book in the Books for Younger Children Category. ​

The Day War Came​ is inspired by real events. It begins in a most ordinary way with a family sharing breakfast before school, but their ordinary routines are interrupted when the war comes. The simple but moving text, coupled with the child-like colored pencil and watercolor illustrations, powerfully communicates the plight of an unidentified and unnamed child refugee displaced by war. She flees with others, on a truck and in a leaky boat, looking for safety and help, as people turn away. This uncomplicated portrayal of the refugee crisis invites conversations about empathy and inclusivity.

Key Character Identities:  Award Year 2019Refugees

Historical Characters:  Award Year 2019Refugees

Social Justice Issues:  Award Year 2019Refugees

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