The Enemy: Detroit 1954

Author(s):  Sara E. Holbrook


Award(s):  2018, Winner Book for Older Children

Suggested Ages:  Ages 12 to 14Award Year 2018

Publisher:  Coming soon!

Publish Date:  Coming soon!

ISBN:  978-1-62979-498-3

The Enemy: Detroit 1954, written by Sara Holbrook and published by Calkins Creek an imprint of Boyds Mills Press, is the winner in the Books for Older Children Category.     The Enemy: Detroit 1954, is an intimate, textured historical novel set at the peak of McCarthyism. During a snowball fight, spirited, twelve-year-old Marjorie Campbell tries to make sense of an unfamiliar figure who is staring at her and her friends. Is he a Nazi, or a Commie? Is he a Red, a Pinko, or a Red Devil? Is he a spy? Fear that feeds hatred of all that is foreign plagues Marjorie’s friends, school, neighborhood, and community.  It also challenges her relationships with her father, a World War II veteran, and her mother, a staunch supporter of free speech. When Marjorie’s teacher selects her to befriend Inga, a new student who, while recently arrived from Canada, is clearly German, Marjorie grapples with an essential question:  Who is The Enemy? This question and the novel’s depiction of bullying, PTSD, censorship, and the position of women will seem eerily familiar to readers today.

Key Character Identities:  Ages 12 to 14Award Year 2018

Historical Characters:  Ages 12 to 14Award Year 2018

Social Justice Issues:  Ages 12 to 14Award Year 2018

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