The Ninth Ward

Rhodes, Jewell Parker.  The Ninth Ward. Little, Brown & Co, 2010 This poignant and dramatic story paints a vivid picture of warmth and home in the economically disadvantaged Ninth Ward during the days and hours leading up to and through Hurricane Katrina. The twelve-year old heroine and first person story teller, Lanesha, candidly voices her openhearted love for her wise, supportive caregiver Mama Ya-Ya and her growing self reliance as she finds the strength to survive and help others survive the storm. Both Mama Ya-Ya and Lanesha have special sight, one for the future and one for the ghosts that inhabit this story. While Ninth Ward graphically portrays the plight of those without means during Katrina, it's theme rests in the power a young woman's hope, friendship and love. Honor award for older readers, 2011.

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