Wolf Hollow

Author(s):  Lauren Wolk


Award(s):  2017, Honor Book for Older Children

Age Group:  Ages 12-15, Ages 9-12

Publisher:  Coming soon!

Published:  Coming soon!


Wolk, Lauren. Wolf Hollow. Dutton Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Penguin Random House, 2017. Wolf Hollow is a coming-of-age novel set in rural World War II Pennsylvania. Twelve-year-old Annabelle encounters incorrigible cruelty for the first time when a bully, Betty, singles her out. Betty's ceaseless campaign against Annabelle extends to Toby, a troubled homeless World War I veteran who roams the woods between Annabelle's home and school. As a false accusation takes hold of the town, Annabelle's awareness of the world's unfairness grows and step by step leads her to act according to her deep sense of moral responsibility. Despite supportive parents and her own courageous actions, Annabelle cannot prevent a chain of tragic events; her dilemma challenges readers to think about how to live morally and ethically in a world marred by cruelty and war.


Key Character Identities:  Mid 1900's, White American, World War II

Historical Characters:  Mid 1900's, White American, World War II

Social Justice Issues:  Mid 1900's, White American, World War II

Jane Addams Criteria:  Approaching life with self-confidence and strength, Breaking cycles of fear, Bullying, Disabilities-Mental Illness, Overcoming prejudice, Solving problems courageously and non-violently, Thinking creatively and humanely about injustice and conflict past or present real or fictionalized, Understanding human needs with compassion, War/Revolution, Young people as activists, Young people's participation in creative solutions to the problems of war social injustice racism sexism homophobia ageism and/or concerns of the physically challenged

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