Social Justice Learn and Do



Social justice learning and action that can be taken close at hand during these uncertain times

Arising from the words and work of our Jane Addams Children’s Book Award authors and illustrators, we are creating and posting to social media three inquiry and social action activities a week for intermediate and middle school students at home during the coronavirus shutdown. All our activities to date are collected below.  Click on the titles below each picture and find materials from the author and guiding questions for reading, writing, reflection, and action.


Debbie Levy: Ask Open Ended Questions


Kadir Nelson: Challenging Us to Fill Our Days With Creating


Lucia M. Garcia & Lulu Delacre: Special Librarians and Special Stories


Elizabeth Suneby: A Window into a Girls’ School in Afghanistan


Lesa Cline-Ransome & James E. Ransome: Ask Why


Duncan Tonatiuh: Looking at Injustice


Susan L. Roth: Let’s Hold Hands!


Cynthia Levinson: Write Your Own Hero’s Journey


Renee Watson: Have a Conversation About Making Joy


Linda Sue Park: Empathize and Make Your World a Better Place


Andrea Daviw Pinkney and Brian Pinkney: No Matter How Old You Are, You Can Make a Change in the World

Rafael Lopez: Dare to Engage


Vanessa Brantley-Newton: Celebrate Our Differences & Similarities


Be a Seedfolk for Earth Day


Javaka Steptoe: Inspiration for Your Words & Art


Rise, Resist, Raise Your Voice Today!


Thanhha Lai: Language Changes Who You Are


Lois Lowry: Grapples with 1918 pandemic shutdown


Christopher Paul Curtis: Close Reading of Characters Fictional and Real


Carole Boston Weatherford: “Notes that echo history”


Three Voices: Margarita Engle and poetry of perspective


Faith Ringgold: Remember to get the colors in!


Jacqueline Woodson: ‘Writing & Reading = Hope X Change’


Veera Hiranandani: Dare to write another’s diary, what do you learn about their perspective?


Jewell Parker Rhodes: Thurgood Marshall, Emmett Till, and You


To Students At Home, Malala, “Have Fun & Be Productive!”


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