School named for immigrant farm workers – JACBA Newsletter 5Aug2015

Santa Maria’s newest school, Jiménez Elementary, inaugurated

In April the district’s board voted to name the school, which will be known as Jiménez Elementary, after the brothers, who were not only immigrant farm workers but also students in the district. The late Roberto Jiménez worked in the district for 40 years, and Francisco Jiménez is a notable author who has been a professor at Santa Clara University for 43 years.

Principal Richard Ruiz summed up the day’s events, and set the school’s future in motion.

“Jiménez Elementary is a place where students and staff will have ample opportunities to showcase talents, learn from one another, and value and respect each other’s differences,” he continued. “They will learn to love learning, seek out knowledge, love who they are, and appreciate where they came from.”

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The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child by Francisco Jiménez 1998

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