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Newsletter / August 18, 2019

BEGIN THE SCHOOL YEAR WITH ‘THE DAY YOU BEGIN’ BY JACQUELINE WOODSON (THE JANE ADDAMS CHILDREN’S BOOK AWARD 2019 WINNING TITLE FOR YOUNGER CHILDREN) National Book Award winner Jacqueline Woodson and two-time Pura Belpré Illustrator Award winner Rafael López have teamed up to create a poignant, yet heartening book about finding courage to connect, even when you feel scared and alone. READ MORE… TRAILER FOR ‘THE DAY YOU BEGIN’ Invite students to begin to their share their stories with one another…   MELISSA SWEET SHOWS ‘HOW TO READ A BOOK’ The challenge of this project, (Melissa)Sweet said, was the openness of Alexander’s words. His poem captures the experience of holding and reading a book and then being transported by imagination, but is wide open to interpretation and is a far less tangible story than others she has illustrated. READ MORE…   INFORMED BY HIS OWN BIRTH, MINTER ILLUSTRATES BOOK ABOUT MIDWIVES For the book about midwifery, (Eloise) Greenfield wrote a series of connected poems about midwives through time, in Africa, after arriving in North America and after emancipation. Minter illustrates the poems with stylistic portrayals of women in attendant repose – dutiful and calm, strong and wise. Many of the illustrations…

Newsletter / April 28, 2019

FIRST NATIONAL ANTIRACIST BOOK FESTIVAL LAUNCHED BY NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER Washington, D.C.–based American University will be the site of the first National Antiracist Book Festival, providing a platform for nearly 50 authors and publishing professionals to discuss policies and power structures that fuel racism in America, as well as the efforts being made to dismantle those systems…. Young adult authors Jason Reynolds and Jacqueline Woodson will talk with one another about “Writing to capture the hearts and minds of youth.” READ MORE…   NHCC HOSTS CHILDREN’S READING FESTIVAL “Margarita (Engle) came here last May to read from her books,” recalled Martínez, NHCC director of history and literary arts and festival organizer. “I asked her afterwards what can we do at the (National Hispanic Cultural Center) NHCC that is not happening elsewhere. She said there are very few bilingual book festivals in the country.” Their conversation was about Spanish and English. But the NHCC’s festival expands “bilingualism” to include Native American languages, Martínez said. READ MORE…   SPRING 2019 PUBLISHER’S PREVIEW: FIVE QUESTIONS FOR ELOISE GREENFIELD Why are people afraid of poetry? I don’t see the fear. When I watch poets or teachers reading poetry to children and/or adults, the…

Newsletter / April 14, 2019

INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE DAY Birchbark Books (owned by Louise Erdrich — the internationally recognized author of many novels, poems, short stories and children’s books) carries books by Native authors along with a selection of other carefully selected titles, Native art and jewelry. READ MORE… INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY 2019: RACCAH SPILLS SECRETS TO INDIE PUBLISHING SUCCESS   W. Nikola-Lisa of Gyroscope Books, an author-publisher in Chicago, praised (Dominique) Raccah’s talk afterwards, describing her as “a visionary from day one who understood that she needed a niche and understood from the beginning that she had to stand out.” Citing her “energy and passion for what she does,” Nikola-Lisa noted, “It’s passion that inspires people…” READ MORE… 1995 Jane Addams Honor Title by W. Nikola-Lisa   AUTHOR TALK WITH MELISSA OTIS: RURAL INDIGENOUSNESS: A HISTORY OF IROQUOIAN AND ALGONQUIAN PEOPLES OF THE ADIRONDACKS (Panelists include) Joseph Bruchac – author, poet, novelist, storyteller and scholar of Native American culture. LISTEN HERE… HOW LIANE MORIARTY, KATE DICAMILLO AND JACQUELINE WOODSON GOT THEIR STARTS Jacqueline Woodson admits that she “wrote on everything and everywhere. I remember my uncle catching me writing my name in graffiti on the side of a building. (It was not pretty for me when…