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Newsletter / February 10, 2019

PICTURE BOOKS THAT BRING BLACK HEROES TO LIFE James E. Ransome’s THE BELL RANG beautifully captures several days in the life of an enslaved girl living with her family on a plantation. Plantation life is seen through the innocent yet fiercely observant eyes of the young, nameless narrator. Each day begins with the ringing of a bell… LET ’ER BUCK! George Fletcher, the People’s Champion, written by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson (“Bad News for Outlaws”) and illustrated by the Newbery Honor winner Gordon C. James (“Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut”), tells the story of the black cowboy George Fletcher, whose journey began when his family set out on the Oregon Trail from their Kansas town. READ MORE… A PIONEERING BLACK RODEO COWBOY ENTERS THE PAGES OF HISTORY “Part of my goal is not only in sharing a good story but also showing important accomplishments of African-Americans. Regarding George Fletcher, he changed the views of a lot of people about African-Americans just by displaying his talent and determination. … His story was inspiring.” READ MORE… UCSB DEPARTMENT OF THEATER AND DANCE PRESENTS ‘THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM 1963 Based on the book by Christopher Paul Curtis and adapted for the stage by…

Newsletter / November 4, 2018

‘UNDOCUMENTED’ IS A PAEAN TO AMERICA’S EMBATTLED MIGRANTS With Undocumented: A Worker’s Fight, award-winning Mexican-American author Duncan Tonatiuh shows how stories that are all too common can be reinvented in powerful new ways toward vital contemporary purpose, sometimes by drawing on age-old traditions. READ MORE…   GIRL RESCUES RIVER Award-winning Canadian author Anne Laurel Carter tells the story of Bowles’ fight to clean the river in My River. Written in Bowles’ voice, the book helps kids understand that science isn’t just something in a textbook, and that they can make a difference through local environmental activism. It’s a message many adults could stand to learn as well. READ MORE… CHILDREN’S AUTHOR WINTER TO SPEAK “I would hope my biographies would open the minds of children to the value of tolerance toward people who are different, toward people who’ve been discriminated against, toward people who’ve had the courage to just be themselves,” said (Jonah) Winter. READ MORE… JOHN GRIFFIN MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS HOST AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR “Mockingbird” writer Kathryn Erskine discusses inspiration, character development and more.  READ MORE…   ‘I AM A WITNESS’ – A CONVERSATION WITH EDWIDGE DANTICAT (Quoting Edwidge Danticat) Those of us who know and are around activists, and I mean true activists… are…