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Newsletter / April 14, 2019

INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE DAY Birchbark Books (owned by Louise Erdrich — the internationally recognized author of many novels, poems, short stories and children’s books) carries books by Native authors along with a selection of other carefully selected titles, Native art and jewelry. READ MORE… INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY 2019: RACCAH SPILLS SECRETS TO INDIE PUBLISHING SUCCESS   W. Nikola-Lisa of Gyroscope Books, an author-publisher in Chicago, praised (Dominique) Raccah’s talk afterwards, describing her as “a visionary from day one who understood that she needed a niche and understood from the beginning that she had to stand out.” Citing her “energy and passion for what she does,” Nikola-Lisa noted, “It’s passion that inspires people…” READ MORE… 1995 Jane Addams Honor Title by W. Nikola-Lisa   AUTHOR TALK WITH MELISSA OTIS: RURAL INDIGENOUSNESS: A HISTORY OF IROQUOIAN AND ALGONQUIAN PEOPLES OF THE ADIRONDACKS (Panelists include) Joseph Bruchac – author, poet, novelist, storyteller and scholar of Native American culture. LISTEN HERE… HOW LIANE MORIARTY, KATE DICAMILLO AND JACQUELINE WOODSON GOT THEIR STARTS Jacqueline Woodson admits that she “wrote on everything and everywhere. I remember my uncle catching me writing my name in graffiti on the side of a building. (It was not pretty for me when…

Newsletter / March 17, 2019

GREEN BOOK HELPED BLACK TRAVELERS NAVIGATE RACIST TERRAIN The guidebook was first published in 1936 by Victor Hugo Green, a postal carrier in the Harlem section of New York. Green’s wife, Alma Duke, was from Richmond. Green was inspired to write the book in part by the discrimination he and his wife faced on trips to her racially segregated hometown. “With Green’s wife being from Virginia, he decided to make trips less humiliating and reached out to fellow mailmen all over the country,” Calvin Alexander Ramsey, an author and playwright who has done extensive research on the subject, told The New York Times in 2015. READ MORE… ‘GREEN BOOK’ MOVIE LIFTS UP SALES FOR BACKLIST PICTURE BOOK While the Green Book film focuses upon the unlikely friendship formed when an African-American musician from New York City goes on tour in the South in 1962 with his racist Italian-American chauffeur, Ruth and the Green Book tells the story of an African-American girl who encounters discrimination when she and her family take a car trip from Chicago to Alabama in the early 1950s…. Ruth and the Green Book “just came to me: everything fell into place,” he said. “It was a labor of love.” Ramsey already knew of Cooper’s…

Newsletter / January 13, 2019

JANE ADDAMS CHILDREN’S BOOK AWARD TITLES ABOUT MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. READ MORE… READ MORE… READ MORE… THE BOOK SHELF: STELA BOWLES BEING THE CHANGE IN NEW BOOK ‘MY RIVER’ Bowles’s story caught the attention of author Anne Laurel Carter, who divides her time between Toronto and a home down the road from Bowles’s family in Upper LaHave. Written in Bowles’s voice, Carter captured her story in the book My River: Cleaning up the LaHave River (Formac Publishing). Published last fall, the book was released this month in the United States. READ MORE…   HARPERCOLLINS LAUNCHES CHILDREN’S BOOK PODCAST HarperCollins Children’s Books has announced the launch of Remember Reading?, a monthly podcast dedicated to classic and contemporary books for young readers. In each 30-minute episode, guests including journalists, educators, and award-winning authors will discuss the connections between beloved books from childhood and recent favorites, and the enduring appeal of children’s literature. June, Episode 6: Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson READ MORE… FAIRFIELD ANNOUNCES ONE BOOK ONE TOWN 2019 The Fairfield Public Library and its community partners — Pequot Library, Fairfield University and the Fairfield University Bookstore — announced two selections for One Book One Town (OBOT) for 2019 on Tuesday morning. The…