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If You Think Racism is Too Political (for Classroom Conversation), Think About What Your Silence Says #JACBA Newsletter 8Sept2017
Newsletter / September 11, 2017

If You Think Racism is Too Political For Your Classroom, Think About What Your Silence Says By: Sonja Cherry-Paul Sonja is a committee member for The Jane Addams Children’s Book Award, which acknowledges the work of authors and illustrators who promote peace and equality. Hundreds of White supremacists marched in Charlottesville no longer hidden behind the hoods and robes of the past. In response, for the benefit of our students, our schools and our nation educators must answer the call to end racism and to begin in their classrooms starting on the very first day of school, and White educators should work, listen, plan and act. Our student deserve more than good intentions. Read More US literary figures renew call for freedom for Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour Prominent U.S. poets, writers, playwrights and publishers issued statements today in support of imprisoned Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour ahead of her upcoming trial verdict on October 17. The 12 literary figures whose statements are being issued today are among 300 writers, including 11 Pulitzer Prize-winners, who signed a 2016 letter calling for freedom for Tatour after she was first arrested. These statements of solidarity with Dareen Tatour come from: Susan Abulhawa, Ben Ehrenreich,…

The Samantha Smith Challenge: Middle School Change Makers #JACBA Newsletter 17Jun2017
Newsletter / June 17, 2017

Becoming a Changemaker: 3rd Annual Samantha Smith Challenge [VIDEO] In 1983, a Manchester Elementary School fifth grader made history with a letter she wrote to a Soviet leader. Samantha Smith tragically died two years later in a plane crash, but she’s remembered through a yearly challenge that aims to inspire others to make a difference. The Maine native became an ambassador for peace, visiting the Soviet Union for two weeks, then sharing her peace keeping mission around the world. “So we’re asking you to do the same thing,” said Carter. “Take a look around you and your world and your community and see what issues are concerning you and then take action.” Smith’s legacy now lives on through these students. Read More Journey to the Soviet Union by Samantha Smith 1986 Awardee Balderdash!: John Newbery and the Boisterous Birth of Children’s Books by Michelle Markel | SLJ Review MARKEL, Michelle. Balderdash!: John Newbery and the Boisterous Birth of Children’s Books. illus. by Nancy Carpenter. Markel’s delightfully exuberant treatment follows Newbery’s lead and presents the facts of his life in a wholly original and absorbing way, mixing evocative and richly detailed cartoon artwork, a playful use of typography, and visual and…