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James Baldwin Story Of Childhood ‘Little Man, Little Man’ Reissued

A JAMES BALDWIN BOOK, FORGOTTEN AND OVERLOOKED FOR FOUR DECADES, GETS ANOTHER LIFE Some Baldwin fans and scholars hope that with the new edition, “Little Man, Little Man” will rightfully assume its place in the canon of African-American children’s literature, alongside works by Langston Hughes, Julius Lester, Walter Dean Myers and John Steptoe. READ MORE… ____________________________________________________ […]

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Yuyi Morales: To Even Try To Be Neutral In This Time Would Be A Disservice

IN CONVERSATION: YUYI MORALES AND NEAL PORTER Author-illustrator Yuyi Morales and editor Neal Porter have worked together on six books, but Morales’s newest, Dreamers, is her most personal work to date. It recounts, in poetic form, the story of her emigration in 1994 from Mexico to the United States, with her two-month-old son. “To even try […]

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Carole Boston Weatherford Tells The Story Of The Amazing Grace

JOHN NEWTON’S SONG OF PRAYER You’ve sung the words countless times. You’ve heard the song in many places. But did you know the true story of the classic hymn? Most people haven’t, but in “How Sweet the Sound,” author Carole Boston Weatherford tells it with couplets more powerful than a storm at sea; indeed, this […]

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Graphic Works For Youth On Migrants, Refugees, Human Trafficking

GRAPHIC WORKS ON MIGRANTS, REFUGEES, HUMAN TRAFFICKING The story: In an accordion-style folded comic with drawings inspired by pre-Columbian art, Tonatiuh tells a fictional story of a Mexican laborer who enters the U.S. illegally and finds work as an underpaid and exploited busboy. He then tries to organize his co-workers demand better working conditions. The […]

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