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2018 Jane Addams Honor Title Has A Sequel

BOOK PAGES INTERVIEWS LINDA WILLIAMS JACKSON Linda Williams Jackson follows up her critically acclaimed debut, Midnight Without a Moon (2018 Jane Addams Children’s Book Award Honor Title), with a new story starring 13-year-old Rose Lee Carter. A Sky Full of Stars opens in 1955 in racially divided Stillwater, Mississippi. “I consider it a privilege to put myself in a young […]

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Native American Authors Build Empathy and Understanding

WHY THANKSGIVING ISN’T NECESSARILY A CELEBRATION: A NATIVE AMERICAN WRITER’S TAKE Louise Erdrich debuted with “Love Medicine” in 1984. The writing in this book, which follows many different people, families and experiences, is so strong and distinct. It walks the reader through so many kinds of voices in a world that, at the time it came out, […]

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Historical Fiction That Takes Children To War Zones and Internment Camps

HISTORICAL FICTION THAT TAKES CHILDREN TO WAR ZONES AND INTERNMENT CAMPS The United States government created Indian boarding schools in the late 19th century to control Native Americans and eradicate their culture. Run on military lines with draconian rules and brutal punishments, they’re a stain on our national history — yet some Native American parents, […]

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‘Undocumented’ Is A Paean To America’s Embattled Migrants

‘UNDOCUMENTED’ IS A PAEAN TO AMERICA’S EMBATTLED MIGRANTS With Undocumented: A Worker’s Fight, award-winning Mexican-American author Duncan Tonatiuh shows how stories that are all too common can be reinvented in powerful new ways toward vital contemporary purpose, sometimes by drawing on age-old traditions. READ MORE… GIRL RESCUES RIVER Award-winning Canadian author Anne Laurel Carter tells the story of […]

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