Board of Directors’ Job Guidelines & Application Process

The Jane Addams Peace Association (the Peace Association) Overview

The Jane Addams Peace Association (the Peace Association) was founded in 1948 “to foster a better understanding between the people of the world toward the end that wars may be avoided and a more lasting peace enjoyed.” Jane Addams was the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, which she received in 1931, and the Peace Association honors her by fostering her spirit in our work and as a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting a variety of peace education projects.  Since 1953 we have honored outstanding children’s books promoting peace and justice with the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award (JACBA). 

Mission Statement: 

To deepen understanding of peace and justice for children and their adults through reflection, dialogue, and social action.

Vision Statement:

We envision a future where people actively work to dismantle injustices and build a more peaceful, equitable world.

Core Values:

In the tradition of peace activist and leader of the settlement house movement Jane Addams we value:

  • Changemaking: We work with and learn from others as we together make a positive difference in our communities and world.  
  • Empathy: We seek to understand the perspective and experience of others by engaging in dialogue and heartfelt reflection. 
  • Respect: We honor the dignity and inherent strengths of each individual, group, and community.
  • Justice: We actively promote equity in access, meaningful participation, and rights for the diverse people and groups that make up our world.
  • Youth: We honor and value youth as changemakers in their communities and in the world.


Leadership, Governance & Oversight

The Board is composed of a President and Vice President, or Co-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer as well as other members of committees, up to a total of twelve. Each member serves on at least one of the Board’s standing committees and may chair one. Those committees are: 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the President/Co-Presidents, the Vice President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer to meet at the call of the President/Co-Presidents. All Board members are welcome to attend Executive Committee meetings.  When immediate action is needed, the President/Co-Presidents may call or email the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee has responsibility for Personnel/HR policies, Finance and procedures.  

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee works with the Executive Director to identify and solicit new Board member.  The Nominating Committee screens and recommends candidates for the Board and prepares a slate of candidates for Officers of the Board to be agreed upon with the Executive Director and sent to Board members no later than two weeks before the annual Fall Board meeting, usually held in October.  

Marketing/Development Committee

The Marketing/Development committee leads the association’s fundraising efforts and actively creates opportunities for advancing our work. The Treasurer is chair of the Marketing/Development Committee, which shall include at least two other Board members.  The Marketing/Development Committee is responsible for assisting the Executive Director with marketing and development strategies.     

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee oversees the planning and logistics of the Jane Addams Peace Association’s web and social media presence, the book awards ceremony, and press releases regarding the awards and ceremony. It leads in understanding and prioritizing audience and stakeholders and identifying potential partners.

Children’s Book Award Committee

The Children’s Book Award Committee assist the Executive Director with the book award ceremony, contacts with publishers, and press releases regarding the awards and ceremony and may serve liaison to the Book Selection Committee.

Program Committee

The Program Committee work includes sharing ideas of program expansion, developing guidelines for curriculum, and overseeing the development of other programming based on partnership opportunities.  

Board Member Expectations

Directors are elected to serve a three-year term and can be selected for a second three-year term. If necessary, a board member can elect to serve a shorter term. Expectations include:

  • Attend quarterly full board meetings in October, January, April and July.  Most meetings are 2 to 3 hours and held virtually.  If possible, one meeting a year would be in person. 
    • In Person Board Retreat: Mid-October 2022
    • Virtual: January 2023, date TBD 2- hour session Virtual; April 2023, date TBD; 3-hour session Virtual; June 2023, date TBD, 2-hour session
    • In Person Board Retreat: Mid-October 2023
  • Participate in the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award ceremony and activities usually held in April (2023 and onward)
  • Participate in virtual monthly meetings of committees, as needed
  • Serve on 1 committee
  • Provide feedback on initiatives
  • Use Slack and Jane Addams Peace Association email for communication
  • Anticipate 4 hours commitment per month, 10-12 hours for Executive Commitee Position 
  • Actively support fundraising and development activities to support the organization’s mission


This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about the Jane Addams Peace Association mission and who has a track record of board leadership, activism, and/or work with young people. 

Ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

  • Professional experience with leadership accomplishments in marketing, development, finances, education, youth programming, publishing, fundraising, or the nonprofit sector 
  • A commitment to and understanding of The Peace Association’s youth beneficiaries, preferably based on experience 
  • An affinity for cultivating relationships and convening, facilitating, engaging in dialogue, and building consensus among diverse individuals 

Currently, we are additionally seeking board members with the following areas of professional expertise and lived experience to ensure diverse board membership for equitable and informed decision making:

  • Skill Sets of legal expertise for nonprofits, communications, fundraising, finance, web development and marketing
  • Networks of librarians, affinity groups and organizations (NAACP, Latinx Chamber of Commerce etc.), social justice, book community, goverment
  • Folks from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, and disability statuses 

Serving on the board is a volunteer position without remuneration. The Peace Association reimburses travel to meetings and conferences deemed appropriate by the Board.  

Application Process

Each candidate for the Peace Association Board of Directors is nominated by a proposer or may nominate themself. 

The candidate is to complete the Application Form.  Any questions please contact Angela Medina at 

Applications for Board positions beginning in October of 2022 must be submitted by July 30, 2022.