Fight Against Ban on Books Resources

Arm Yourself with Facts to Fight Book Challenges

The Jane Addams Peace Association stands with all organizations advocating for the right for writers and artists to freely express themselves, and for those fighting to keep their books in libraries and classrooms. Children’s books are the most frequently targeted titles, and there are ways they can get involved and their voices can be heard!

Here are some of the organizations that offer resources to fortify you in your struggle to uphold the right to freedom of speech, the right of every U.S. citizen, under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


The American Library Association sees in this moment an “unprecedented surge in local and statewide book bans.”

ALA offers a “clearinghouse of resources” for libraries and their allies.



We Need Diverse Books

WNDB offers a master list of resources, focused primarily on children’s books by writers and artists of color as well as LGBTQ+ book creators. 

These books have been challenged and removed with greater frequency than other books.

WNDB suggests ways to involve children in advocating for books:

Raise up student voices! 

In your letters, speeches, and conversations with others, don’t forget the readers whose books are being challenged in the first place.

  • If your own children are affected, consider asking them if they would like to speak at a school board meeting or write their own letter to the editor.
  • Check in with family and friends to see if they know other young people who want to share their stories.
  • For examples of young people speaking up at meetings, scroll down to the Amplify Student Voices section of the NCAC Resources page.


PEN America: The Freedom to Write has aggregated articles on book-banning and what various organizations are doing to stop it (legal actions, petitions, contacting politicians):

National Coalition Against Censorship gives book creators resources to find out if their books are being challenged and how to push back on those challenges.

Like PEN America, NCAC has also aggregated articles on book-banning around the country and what actions may be taken to stop it.

In addition below are some resources for diverse reading. 



Search Jane Addams Award Books for BIPOC Authors, Illustrators, & Related Teaching Resources.