Black Is a Rainbow Color

Black Is a Rainbow Color, written by Angela Joy, illustrated by Ekua Holmes, and published by Roaring Brook Press, is an Honor Book in the Books for Younger Children Category.

Black Is a Rainbow Color is a powerful anthem that celebrates all things Black, the colorful and the cultural. The story takes us on a journey with a young girl who reflects on the meaning of being Black, which leads her to question, absorb, and share information about her culture. The lyrical text coupled with symbolic illustrations moves beyond literal colors and delves into the thick richness of Black culture and pride. The text weaves in history, literary works, important Civil Rights activists, and the everyday people who have peacefully marched over the years from Selma, Alabama to the current worldwide Black Lives Matter movement. The bold, symbolic illustrations depict the strength, resilience, and diversity of Black culture while including a message of hope and joy. Readers are invited to disrupt the colorblind narrative to embrace, appreciate, and see color and culture in all of its beautifully diverse facets.

Author: Angela Joy
Illustrator: Ekua Holmes
Award: 2021 Honor Book for Younger Children

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Black is a Rainbow Color