Julián is a Mermaid​

Julián is a Mermaid, written and illustrated by Jessica Love​, and published by Candlewick, is an Honor Book in the Books for Younger Children Category. ​ Julián is a Mermaid tenderly distills a profound human truth—we each need to be seen and loved for ourselves—in a deceptively simple way. After a transformative trip to the local swimming pool and a subway ride home with what appear to be mermaids, Julián explains to his loving ​abuela​ that he is also a mermaid. She helps Julián reveal his inner self in a resplendent mermaid parade on the beach. The strength and heart of the book are in how the story is told in minimal text, with luminous ​illustrations. Julián’s revelation celebrates the diversity of the human race, gender expression, and people of all body types and colors.

Author:  Jessica Love​
Illustrator:  Jessica Love​
Award:  2019, Honor Book for Younger Children

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