Rez Dogs

Rez Dogs, written by Joseph Bruchac, published by Dial Books, is an Honor Book in the Books for Older Children Category.

Rez Dogs is a timely verse novel set during the coronavirus pandemic on the Wabanaki reservation about a girl named Malian, her grandparents, and a dog that becomes her best friend. Bruchac illustrates how American history has silenced the stories of indigenous people, including forced sterilization, boarding schools, family separation, and colonization. Malian is vocal and confident in her indigenous identity, thinks deeply, and makes hard choices. She challenges her teacher to recognize her own racist beliefs, providing a clear and hopeful message that all people can change when they acknowledge their own biased beliefs and commit to rejecting bigotry and embracing diversity.

Author: Joseph Bruchac
Award: 2022 Honor Book for Older Children

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