Strong as Fire, Fierce as Flame

Strong as Fire, Fierce as Flame, written by Supriya Kelkar, published by Tu Books, is an Honor Book in the Books for Older Children Category.

Strong as Fire, Fierce as Flame is a compelling historical fiction novel sharing 13-year-old Meera’s journey in 1857 India. Meera’s parents married her to a neighbor boy in alignment with their religious beliefs. As Meera prepares to live with her new husband and family, Indian rebels burn the British ammunition depot in Delhi, and Meera’s husband is killed in the riots. Meera is asked to perform Sati, a religious practice in which she follows her deceased husband in death by throwing herself into her husband’s funeral pyre. But Meera runs away to save her life, knowing she will shame her family forever. She finds the courage to locate the British ammunition and help the rebels free India from British tyranny. This novel explores the gender discrimination and inequities that women face when making life decisions.

Author: Supriya Kelkar
Award: 2022 Honor Book for Older Children

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