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Bringing Books and Authors to Classrooms

Bringing Books and Authors to Classrooms!

The Jane Addams Peace Association is bringing authors and books to schools.

All children deserve the opportunity to see themselves reflected in books, as well as learn about those who are different from them. We believe books open our minds, our hearts, and our worlds. Jane Addams Children’s Book Award-commended titles are books in which young people feel seen, celebrated, valued, and empowered to question, discuss, and act.

Connecting authors, students and teachers virtually

Joseph Bruchac, author of  Rez Dogs made a virtual visit to 6th grade classes in Hanford, California. 

Helping young people feel included through books and stories

Students learned more about inclusivity, the Abenaki culture, the story and moral of the story of Raccoon and learned about where Joseph Bruchac got the inspiration  for  “Rez Dogs.”  They were inspired and had fun!

Connecting Students, Authors and Culture

“The author visit of Joseph Bruchac was both educational and inspirational. Not only did my students learn about the unique way he wrote “Rez Dogs,” we also learned about the love he has for his cultural traditions. At the beginning of the zoom meeting we were invited into a drum circle while he drummed and sang. 

“The students had questions about the things he was most passionate about and his biggest accomplishments. Mr. Bruchac talked about work he has done with his grown sons who are also authors. The students were especially interested in his writings that he has done in collaboration with other writers.

What a gift!”

-6th grade teacher

Connecting Authors, Students and Teachers in Person

Angela Joy, author of  Black Is a Rainbow Color made a  visit to an elementary school  in Newark, New Jersey.

Inspiring Young Authors and Bringing Joy

 Representation is important and joyful! A kindergarten student felt that having Angela Joy visit  “was the best day of my life because I love rainbows and it was the center of that day.  My favorite part of the book is the lady singing because her lips are made of newspaper. It’s like she’s singing the news.” 

Bringing Books to Life!

“Listening to Angela Joy read ‘Black is a Rainbow Color’ was truly a joyful experience.  The text came to life as Angela sang out her beautiful words and shared them with the children and staff at  Link Community Charter School.  From the first day of school, we call our Kindergarteners authors. Angela Joy brought her book to life for our children and shared messages of hope, love and resilience. This extraordinary experience touched our hearts and minds.  We are so looking forward to Angela’s next book, ‘Choosing Brave’!”

-Curriculum and Instruction supervisor in Newark, New Jersey

Bringing Authors to Classrooms

with the Jane Addams Book Award Ceremony

Three classrooms attended the live ceremony, and more have since watched the recording to learn from inspiring and thought-provoking honor- and award-winning authors and illustrators. 

These are some of the many reasons we’re bringing books and authors to schools!

To hear all of Carole Boston Weatherford and Alicia D. Williams’s words as well as those of other honor- and award-winning books, watch a recording of the ceremony.

Find the link to the Awards Ceremony on our website or click here.

Bringing  more Authors and Books to libraries and schools!

The Jane Addams Peace Association is partnering with Brooklyn, NY and Stamford, CT Public Libraries to bring 2022 award winning authors to speak about their books!  Watch for more information in our next newsletter!

Bringing Authors and Books to Chicago Public Schools this fall!

  Jane Addams Peace Association will be working with Chicago Public Schools to bring award winning authors and books to students! Watch for more information in September!

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