We envision a future where people actively work to dismantle injustices and build a more peaceful, equitable world.

Connecting the World and Young People with Books

Connecting the World

and Young People with Books

Books can help young people and their adults connect with the world so they can better understand it and so they can reflect, engage in deep dialogue and social action & change it for the better.

We believe books open our minds, our hearts, and our worlds.  This month we share and revisit titles that facilitate young people’s understanding of the world:

The world near and far

The world when it doesn’t look like them

The world when it’s confusing

The world when it’s violent

the world when it’s peaceful and more

so they can understand and feel empowered to question, discuss, and act.

Understanding Government

The first Black woman nominated to the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson!

Help young people understand the historical significance of this nomination and the confirmation hearings, and start deep dialogue with books about the first Black Supreme Court Justice and first female Jewish Supreme Court Justice.

“The Highest Tribute: Thurgood Marshall’s Life, Leadership, and Legacy” by Kekla Magoon and Laura Freeman

“I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark” by Debbie Levy and Elizabeth Baddeley

“Although no legislation will reverse the pain and fear felt by those victims, their loved ones and Black communities, this legislation is a necessary step America must take to heal from the racialized violence that has permeated its history,” said U.S. Senator Cory Booker, Democrat of New Jersey and a sponsor of the legislation. 

“Getting Away with Murder: The True Story of the Emmett Till Case” by Chris Crowe is a book to help young people and all people understand why anti-lynching legislation is long overdue and why sending this legislation to the president was historic.

Books can help young people and all people understand the fight for voting rights in the past and present and start deep dialogue that can lead to the continuation of the fight for ballot access, power & justice.

“Finish the Fight: The Brave and Revolutionary Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote”  by Veronica Chambers and the staff of the New York Times 

“Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom: My Story of the 1965 Selma Voting Rights March” by Lynda Blackmon LoweryElspeth LeacockSusan Buckley, and P.J. Loughran

“Lillian’s Right to Vote” by Jonah Winter and Shane W. Evans

“Delivering Justice: W. W. Law and the Fight for Civil Rights” by James Haskins and Benny Andrews

“With Courage and Cloth: Winning the Fight for a Woman’s Right to Vote” by Ann Bausum




What makes a border? What kinds of borders are there? What purposes do they serve and what effects do they have?

Help young people think deeply about the many kinds of borders and understand migration and immigration and have the kind of deep discussions that can lead to action for migrants’ and immigrants’ rights with these books.


Understanding the Environment


“We Are Water Protectors” by Carole Lindstrom and Michaela Goade deepens understanding about what’s happening to the water and inspires young people and all people to take action. 


Visibility and representation. Who’s visible to mainstream society? What happens when young people see themselves represented and what happens when they don’t? 

All young people deserve the opportunity to see themselves reflected in the world and in books as well as learn about those who are different than them.  

These are some books that invite deep dialogue, questioning and passionate responses on themes such as how people build respect and understanding of differences and for the worth and importance of all individuals in groups that can lead to much needed changes for a world where all young people are visible, seen and valued and where there’s justice for all. 






Violence and Genocide

Books can help start conversations about genocide and  violence in the past and present, their causes, impacts and activism against brutality. 

Activism, Apologies & Reparations

Books can deepen understanding about why activism, apologies and reparations are necessary and inspire more activism!





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