We envision a future where people actively work to dismantle injustices and build a more peaceful, equitable world.

Environmental Justice

The theme for this month’s newsletter is environmental justice. We selected two Jane Addams Children’s Book Award winners that feature characters who responded to environmental and public health challenges that posed barriers for under-resourced and marginalized communities.

It is with great sadness that we recognize at the time of this newsletter?s publication, the world is witnessing a devastating climate disaster in Australia. The deadly bush-fires have burned over 14.5 million acres of land decimating communities, destroying wildlife, and taking human life. This tragedy underscores a fierce urgency for protecting our planet that climate activists across the globe are working on everyday. The books we selected this month inspire us to consider what role we can have in protecting our planet as part of our commitment to future generations.

What after all, has maintained
the human race on this old globe despite all the calamities of nature and all the tragic failings of mankind, if not faith in new possibilities, and courage to advocate them.

– Jane Addams

Jane Addams Peace Association