We envision a future where people actively work to dismantle injustices and build a more peaceful, equitable world.

Opening a Window into the Arab World

The Jane Addams Peace Association invited the Middle East Children’s Alliance to develop content for this month’s themed issue, Opening a Window to the Arab World. We are inspired by this organization’s commitment to peace, justice, and dialogue. We hope this month’s newsletter provides insight into the daily life, joy, fear, hopes, and burdens placed on children living in countries besieged by conflict and war. Jane Addams reminds us that our ability to create an ethical world is tied to our willingness and ability to show up for each other. We hope this collaboration opens up new possibilities to partnering with other organizations who share our values. Enjoy!

“We are learning that a standard of social ethics is not attained by traveling a sequestered byway, but by mixing on the thronged and common road where all must turn out for one another, and at least see the size of one another’s burdens”

-Jane Addams

Jane Addams Peace Association