Social Justice Learn & Do Reading Guides

The Learn and Do Reading Guide is intended to help teachers, librarians, and family members facilitate important, genuine reflection, dialogue, and inspiration for action among young people as they read this commended title together or on their own.

 If the adult is reading aloud, the commentary can be shared and the questions posed as seems fit in the process.  If young people are reading independently, Building Background and Reflection can be discussed with an adult before and after reading. Dialogue Questions could be assigned for written consideration while reading, with discussion afterward.  All or just a few prompts and questions can be utilized. In all cases, conversation about the book is key. 

In a group setting, children can be asked to turn to someone nearby to consider a question before several young people share with the whole group. It is so important that young people share their own perspective and learn about others’ as well. Here are some useful sentence starters for students extending each other’s thinking; When you said…I thought/I wondered…Before I read this I thought…now I think…. This makes me feel….because….

For more information see our  Learn & Do Curriculum Guidelines


Land of the Cranes Learn and Do Reading Guide

2021 Jane Addams Children’s Book Award Honor Title

From prolific author, Aida Salazar, comes the heart-wrenchingly beautiful story in verse of a young Latinx girl who learns to hold on to hope and love even in the darkest of places: a family detention center for migrants and refugees.