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New Year, New Books

For every young girl and person who’s been told they are “too this and too that” here’s an empowering book of inspiration. “Ambitious Girl” by Meena Harris and Marissa Valdez is a celebration of girl-power, overcoming obstacles, finding inspiration in role models, and pursuing dreams and ambitions.  It’s about strong women, finding one’s confidence, and […]

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Connecting Mirrors, Windows, Doors, Curtains, Telescopes, and Banned Books

Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop uses “Mirrors, Windows and Sliding Glass Doors” as an analogy to discuss the importance of diversity in books and the authors who write them.   Listen to a Youtube interview with Dr. Rudine Sims Bishops and click here for her 1990 ‘Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding […]

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October into November: Time for Remembering

Indigenous Peoples’ day was October 11.Sometimes dates and dedicated months can help us remember and keep us on an anti-racist and inclusive social justice path, an important and sometimes difficult task while breathing the air of systemic racism. National American Indian Heritage Month is in November. Too often Indigenous stories, voices, and history are absent.Too […]

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Fall is for change !

The year back to school for some educators has meant fear: fear for the health of themselves and their family, fear of teaching with an anti-racist, anti-bias lens, fear of using books that represent all young people, fear of loss of income. For some, this fear may coexist with the stress of too many students, […]

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Summer Freedom Reading!

Summer for some means more freedom, not having to follow a school schedule. For some this freedom may coexist with the stress of unstructured time. For some, summer means more reading time. This summer gives us a long overdue and welcome “Freedom Day” holiday as Juneteenth became a national holiday AND a reminder that working […]

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