We envision a future where people actively work to dismantle injustices and build a more peaceful, equitable world.

May is a Month of Memories!

So many names to say, so much is the same and so much has changed. It is crucial that we say names of people who are gone too soon, not just gone, but murdered in the mess of oppression and hate that we ingest every day. We also report in this newsletter on memory-making that […]

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April is a time of Regrowth and Hope. With Love and Hope, we can Rock the Boat!

It’s the season of spring: Earth day, Passover, Ramadan, International Women Day, Deaf History Month, as well as water, workers’ rights, sexual assault awareness, and the first openly transgender Federal Official & first Native American Interior Secretary! It’s the season of celebration. Register now for the April 28th Jane Addams Children’s Book Award Virtual Ceremony. […]

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Books and Pictures Change Lives!

“She looks like me! One day, I can do that too!” That’s the message that children receive when they see and read about people who look like them. In March and every month, we invite discussion & action about power, equality, and the worth and importance of Black girls and all children. Women’s history is […]

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Shining a Light on Black Voices in February and All Year

This February, and every month, is a fine time to shine a still overdue light on Black people who contributed and lead the way in the arts, civil rights, politics, and science. Black history is our history. It’s a great time to be inspired to write some poetry too. Representation is important. Let this be […]

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